EasySET Exposed Shower Auto Temperature Mixer with Integrated Rain shower Kit

Model No.: FFAS4955-701500BC0

COMFORT. SAFETY. ECO-FRIENDLY. EasySET Exposed is the latest addition to the auto temperature mixers by American Standard. Commonly known as thermostatic mixer, the auto temperature mixer maintains the correct balance of hot and cold water based on user’s preset temperature. It will react - within a fraction of a second- to any changes in the water pressure or temperature by automatically re-adjusting the ratio of hot and cold water so your water temperature stays consistent throughout the entire shower.

You no longer need to waste time and precious water fiddling with the lever to adjust your water temperature every time before you shower or get scalded (or at least a rude shock) when your family member uses cold water in other parts of the house.

American Standard EasySET Exposed: Ultimate Showering Convenience
Product Type Auto Temperature Mixers
Style Contemporary
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