4 Rules to Ace Timeless Home Decor

While urbanites are on the constant hunt for the latest status purse, or perennially upgrade their gadgets for the snazziest model, a beautifully designed home should always stand the test of time. After all, what most homeowners desire is fairly straightforward – an uncluttered house that spells modern elegance, but classic enough so it doesn’t quickly go out of style. In order to attain that timeless look, it’s important to look for elements – whether it comes to paint colors, decorative items, or even functional pieces of furniture – that combine contemporary elements with a refined sensibility.

With that in mind, here are four aspects towards a timeless and modern home design that will be sure to last you through the years:

1. Simple Colors

Simple colors

When it comes to picking a paint colors palette, simplicity can go a long way in ensuring that your home stays clean and modern looking. Try sticking with neutral shades such as beige, grays and off-whites, as these can really help to accentuate the space in your home.

Light colors like a soft blue or green can also have a similar effect of creating the illusion of a larger space, while also providing the flexibility of incorporating statement decorative pieces. And while dark colors like emerald greens and ruby red tend to make a room look smaller, they can also be used as accents to compliment the neutral base shades, helping to add a pop of color to the design without complicating it too much.

The Vanity collection from KASTELLO uses jewel tones to help compliment base shades and give your bathroom a touch of sophistication. Simple, clean and universally flattering for any bathroom, the Vanity collection is perfect to ace that timeless decor.

2. Tasteful Fixtures

Tasteful fixtures

In every home, fixtures like lighting are necessities for daily living. But instead of selecting them as an afterthought, why not incorporate fixtures into your overall home design instead? Take the KASTELLO Collection by American Standard for example; its strong bespoke design language is timeless classic and modern, so it fits seamlessly into any home bathroom.

After all, design comes first for this one-of-a-kind collection, featuring authentic materials, defined edges, signature flare-out shapes and a 90-degree spout.

3. Beautiful Functionality

Beautiful functionality

Design is no longer just about looking good, as functionality plays an increasingly important role when considering the mix of pieces and elements in a home. Furnishings with tangible functions will not only enrich your life and increase convenience in the immediate future but can also remain useful through any changes in lifestyle.

That’s why the KASTELLO Collection boasts functionality on top of beautiful design, with features like Durashine – a shiny chrome finishing with a long-lasting brilliance, and ComfortMove – a smooth handle that provides optimal precision and comfort, helping with the ease of movement. With pieces like that in your house, there’ll no longer be a need to choose between elegance or functionality.

4. Sustainable Style

Sustainable style

Climate change may be the talk of the town now but taking care of our planet will actually have to involve a lifestyle change that has to continue for a long time. Therefore, having eco-friendly features around your house will not only help the environment, but also be in line with keeping your home design relevant and smart in the years to come.

One of the biggest ways you can start is by saving energy and water in the one room in the house that is definitely used on a daily basis – the bathroom. Functions like Ecostart – a single-lever faucet that releases cold water first to prevent the boiler from heating up unnecessarily – can help save 30 per cent in energy consumption, while the SiphonMax technology improves water efficiency with 2 twin torrents of water creating a whirlpool around the bowl.

Simultaneously, a jet of water is released from below creating a second push action and coupled with water being funneled away from the bottom of the bowl that generates a powerful pull action, SiphonMax effectively removed both heavy and light wastes. Both can be found in the KASTELLO collection, to help keep your home clean, green and timeless.